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Reconnect with your professional potential and reimagine what your career could look like!

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Our community is humming with professionals who believe that flexible working is the way of the future - that it makes women, work and the economy, better for everyone.

When you join this network, you will experience women supporting women to: 

  • find professional and financially rewarding flexible work 
  • discover, define and pursue career and life ambitions 
  • live, lead and earn on their own terms

"The old way of work, doesn't work anymore."

Benefits of joining

Build your professional network. Connect to a hidden job market and talent pool - where over 60% of opportunities get filled before they're advertised.

Uncover an always-on networking event you can’t find anywhere else, brimming with positivity, generosity, inspiring contacts and thought-provoking conversation.

Meet other people who believe that flexible work is the way of the future and who measure results by output and deliverables, not time spent sitting at a desk.

Make better, more well-informed decisions about work with personal referrals and recommendations. 

Swap stories, experiences and ideas around which companies have genuinely flexible work cultures, how to access meaningful and financially rewarding contracts and where the best opportunities are.

Meet our partners 

To increase our impact and reach, we have partnered with several associations from across Canada to bring together professional women, freelancers, entrepreneurs and inclusive businesses from across sectors, roles and provinces, so that we can find, create and fill flexible roles. 

We are building the year-long networking event you don’t want to miss.

Be part of something bigger.

This is a place where an abundance mindset and a spirit of gratitude proliferates everything we do, lifting each other up while sparking inspiration, and igniting collaboration.

Through this radical generosity, we build. We create. We find new and innovative ways to make work work for everyone. We are levelling the playing field through access to top tier professional talent and flexible, accessible roles for all women. 

Collectively we will raise the tide on gender parity in the workforce and take back control of the opportunities we have available to us.

Built for women and marginalized genders

Our platform is open and inclusive. We welcome all marginalized genders and allies. Be kind, be respectful and be helpful.

We are Canadian owned and operated.

Are you hiring?

This is the place to find exceptional professional talent. Join through our job-board to get access to this year-long networking event plus unlimited job or contract posts on the site.

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